Watch the recorded webinar

Watch the recorded webinar

This is the recorded webinar for the Erasmus+ project Lean for Work and Lean for Life – Train the trainer to teach Lean skills in VET

How to train students in skills that are highly valuable by employers?

Lean skills have been claimed to be a “meta skill” that are general and can be transferred into any working environment and situation, also in private life.

Lean skills you learn for life and many employers appreciate them highly. The goal with Lean is to improve value of products and services to the customer by continuously developing our way of working.

Within this project, we are four VET partners and one research and development institute in Finland, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, all working with Lean in our organisations.

We have developed and produced innovative approaches to professional development of VET trainers` Lean skills in order to train students for working life. Our aim is to provide all students with valuable Lean skills by the time they graduate.

In the webinar you get information about:
– How this Lean training course is structured
– How to use the theory material on the Lean Principles
– How you can teach Lean by individual and group exercises and games

The training material will be available in English, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.

As the Toyota Inventor –Taiichi Ohno has said:
“We do not try to run faster, but we decided to walk a shorter distance”

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